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The block board's core is constructed from solid wood blocks. These blocks were made from softwood trees and are rectangular elongated blocks or strips. The entire block board core is made up of these little blocks, which are all almost the same size and are stacked end to end. The faces and surfaces are then created by bonding/gluing a top and bottom veneer (layer of hardwood ply) over these blocks.

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Our Block Boards are the ideal choice since they are made with premium materials and go through rigorous quality inspections. At Siddharth Plywood Industries, as the best Block Boards manufacturers in India we use the best materials available to build our products, which are then put together using cutting-edge methods. We are certain that, like all of our previous clients, you will be pleased with our items.

Uses of block boards

Block boards are perfect for the following since they do not sag in the center or bend readily.

  • Building bookcases
  • To create couches and seats
  • Doors and flat doors to be made
  • Wall panels
  • For dividing walls
  • For a floor
  • The tops of tables

Block board is solely meant for interior usage since the layers are hot-pressed together to create a solid panel and the wood strips are attached with interior glues. Block boards will therefore delaminate and become unglued over time if used outdoors. Block board is frequently used for desks and tabletops in furniture.

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Both plywood and blockboard are easily accessible at lumber and home improvement stores and are both offered in panels. For interior work like furniture and cabinets, either one can be used. They cannot, however, be utilized for applications that call for curved edges or ones that require routing to form grooves since they are rigid materials. Only flat surfaces, like a tabletop or cabinet door, should be made of plywood or block board. Both can be easily sawed and sliced using standard equipment like a jigsaw or circular saw.

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Unlike a panel made of block board, a plywood panel shows the wood's grain features. Block board doesn't require sanding because of its smooth surface. Use plywood with an A grade on the side of the panel that will be visible if you want to avoid sanding. Blockboard doesn't have grades. Connect with us and our team of Block Boards manufacturers will be there to guide you.

We are the best manufacturers to help you out. Since its founding, Siddharth Plywood Industries has established a solid reputation as a leading provider of plywood. Domestic and international businesses are among our partners. We are happy to be a capable partner that might support your company in an increasingly competitive market. We are rich in expertise and understanding of the plywood sector. Call Us now and our experts will be there to assist you with quality products. Our advice will surely prove to be perfect for you.

Available Sizes:
  • 19MM
  • 22MM
  • 25MM
Available Face Veneer:
  • Burma Gurjan

  • Indonation Gurjan