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Laminated plywood is created by laminating several timber sheets together to create a beautiful plywood film. By employing powerful chemical adhesives and heavy pressing equipment to firmly glue the many sheets together. Plywood that has been improved visually in a variety of ways is known as decorative plywood. In order to create furniture that is both attractive and long lasting and sturdy, Laminated Plywood is employed. We are the best Plywood Laminated Sheet suppliers to help you with excellent products.

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Simple plywood may also be covered with decorative plywood sheets known as laminates to give it a lovely appearance and improve the interior design of the home or workplace. The wood slices that are adhered together to create plywood are known as veneers.

  • Chemical adhesives that firmly bind these veneers together are used to adhere them together. The most frequently utilized chemicals are urea- and phenol-formaldehydes.
  • The veneers are manufactured to go through rigorous pressing machines after these chemicals are used to glue the sheets together.
  • This practically makes these sheets indestructible.
  • The finished item is then polished and given any last-minute adjustments.
  • As a result, distributors and customers receive the final product for use.

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The sheet size, thickness, density, and grade of plywood are important factors to consider when looking for decent plywood for furniture or redecorating projects. The strength of Laminated Plywood increases with its thickness. The thickness you select must be suitable for using plywood. Because of its versatility, plywood may be used in a variety of situations. One of the strongest types of plywood is made entirely of hardwood. Other aspects also contribute to the higher quality of plywood. Water resistance and scratch resistance are two of these properties. We have collaborated with leading brands like OTIS and paramount ply to offer excellence to our customers.

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Plywood with water resistance is a great option for locations exposed to dampness. The areas with the highest moisture include the patio, bathrooms, porches, etc. Therefore, for longevity and durability, the wooden furniture in the space should be water resistant. For decorative purposes, a scratch-resistant plywood is very important since it both improves the aesthetics of the home or workplace and safeguards the furniture from scratches. This guarantees the durability of every piece of furniture. It's not a hassle to maintain the furniture in good shape for a long period. The plywood is a common material for building ornamental wooden furniture because it has a layer of protection that prevents scratches from showing.

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Every sheet of plywood that we provided had to meet the rigorous standards set by our manufacturing and quality control teams. We implemented our in-house created Quality Assurance and Quality Control processes, constantly making sure that quality comes first. A seasoned business, Siddharth Plywood Industries serves international corporations, significant national and regional distributors, international importers, furniture factories, construction firms, building material wholesalers, top interior design firms, developers and builders, architects, etc.
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Available Sizes:
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  • 4MM,
  • 12MM,
  • 18MM,
  • 19 MM,
Available Face Veneer:
  • Burma Gurjan

  • Indonation Gurjan