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Flexible Plywood

Flexible plywood is another name for flexi plywood. It won't chip, crack, peel, or discolor and is simple to mold and bend into any form. Flexi plywood is quite helpful for building furniture. while creating a building or furniture model that requires a lot of rotation. There, flexible plywood comes in handy. Extremely flexible plywood comes in the form of flexi ply. It can be bent or rolled without showing any resistance, and it may be twisted or curved into any shape without chipping, cracking, or peeling, which is not feasible with conventional types of plywood since they tend to shatter when bent or twisted.

  • Quality plywood imported.
  • It is adaptable perfectly
  • It is possible to utilize hot-pressed synthetic resin (Bonded with BWP resin) for a variety of forms without splitting or losing its shape.
  • In whatever shape, maintain strength.
  • Complex, multi-rounded structures may be made more quickly.
  • No fungus

Benefits of Using Flexible Plywood

Flexible plywood may be folded into any form with ease and will not chip, fracture, peel, or discolor.

  • The usage of this plywood speeds up building considerably.
  • It is simple to shape complex furniture using flexible plywood.
  • It can withstand minor scratches as well as normal wear and tear.
  • These varieties of plywood are simple to link with other materials since they have strong adhesion qualities.
  • For laminating, fabricating, and bending, no specialized equipment is required.
  • Additionally, flexi ply can be given an antimicrobial treatment.
  • It is also largely resistant to moisture.
  • It has high dimensional stability, so your furniture will keep its shape for many years since it does not lend itself to corrugation, undulation, or thickness change.
  • Budget-conscious projects are a wonderful fit for Flexi Ply since it eliminates the need for additional expenses and labor costs.

Where can we use the Flexi Plywood?

More often than not, furniture is made using Flexible Plywood. For rigid curved constructions, Flexi Plywood is utilized in furniture.

  • The chair's back is made out of it.
  • Curved chairs from the modern era
  • Household furniture that must have curved forms.
  • More flexibility is required to produce an end result that is more appealing when it comes to interior features like lamp stands, ornamental and decorative woodwork, etc.
  • Staircases
  • Furniture for offices or other business spaces
  • Columns and arches that are rounded or curvy
  • Any intricate and challenging constructions

With plywood that easily twists and bends to create any form, the unique variety is made to match your creativity and sense of style. Flexible Plywood, designed primarily for interior applications where design is not constrained to cuts and squares, ensures perfect flatness, smoothness, and robustness. In the realm of interior design, wood is a wonder material. It is extensively utilized to make incredibly sturdy structures as well as cozy, warm settings.

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Available Sizes:
  • 03MM
  • 6MM
  • 12MM
  • 18MM
  • 19MM
Available Face Veneer:
  • Burma Gurjan

  • Indonation Gurjan