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When compared to commercial plywood, the cost of waterproof marine plywood is somewhat more. Even the greatest waterproof plywood is only water resistant for a short period of time. But on the market, Siddharth Plywood Industries is a superior name when you are looking for plywood that is a substitute for wood that feels, looks, and can be handled like wood when one considers sustainability. Siddharth Plywood Industries offers the best quality plywood that are made of wood and virgin PVC resin and is 100% termite and water resistant.

What is waterproof plywood?

Marine grade plywood, often known as water proof plywood, has been available on the market for a while. Even the most waterproof plywood has a natural tendency to absorb moisture, which makes all plywood susceptible to the growth of fungus, algae, discoloration, bacteria, and mold. Any wood may be made waterproof by applying a straightforward chemical coating. The plywood is protected from moisture by this layer. but only for a short while. When the chemicals go, the treatment loses its ability to prevent moisture absorption, which causes delamination, expansion, and contraction. This is merely a result of the way it was produced and the characteristics of wood itself.

Due to climatic changes, even the best Waterproof Plywood in India has glue line fractures and veneer separation. Because Siddharth Plywood Industries offer plywood that is resistant to atmospheric fluctuations, it will not swell, shrink, split, break, or warp. There is no moisture-related deformation or algae/fungus growth in this area. Due to rot or decay, these properties minimize the need for ongoing replacement and maintenance. As a result, it is more affordable when compared to the cost of waterproof marine plywood. We are a leading name as the Waterproof Plywood Manufacturers in India offering excellent products.

Grade MR plywood

This plywood, sometimes referred to as "Moisture Resistant Grade Plywood," is resistant to moisture, borer assaults, and humid environments. Urea-formaldehyde is the resin used as the glue in the production of MR-Grade Plywood.

Grade BWR Plywood

Boiling Water Resistant Grade Plywood is referred to as BWR Grade Waterproof Plywood. In comparison to the MR grade plywood previously described, BWR grade plywood has better water resistance and is frequently used in spaces that are regularly exposed to water, such as bathrooms and kitchens. expose yourself to water.

Grade BWP plywood

Boiling water proof grade plywood is known as BWP grade plywood. This is also known as "Marine Plywood," and it is totally waterproof. As it is particularly treated and created to withstand rotting in a high moisture state, maritime building is where it is most effectively used. It can tolerate extreme circumstances, such as temperature variations, changes in humidity, and alternate wetting and drying, and is suited for all climates. Our experts offer premium quality waterproof ply from Paramount and OTIS brands. We make sure you get correct solutions for your needs.

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Plywood that is waterproof is made particularly to withstand water infiltration. Other common varieties of plywood often lack this plywood's ability to withstand water. The waterproof quality of plywood refers to its ability to function entirely impervious to water. Typically, 3 plies of wood are bonded together to create standard plywood. Want to know more?
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Available Sizes:
  • 06MM
  • 09MM
  • 12MM
  • 16MM
  • 18MM
  • 8X4
  • 8X3
  • 7x4
  • 7x3
  • 6X4
  • 6X3
Available Face Veneer:
  • Burma Gurjan

  • Indonation Gurjan