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We Start - Siddharth Plywood Industries

We have been in the plywood industry for the past 22 Years. After seeing the wonders of wood, especially in the plywood area, we decided to give the right solution for manufacturing the furniture.

When I joined the family business my father told me something that my grandfather had told him," A home is a dream that needs to come true". People build home with years of their hard-earned money, saving a little every year. it is a very aspirational yet emotional bond for every Indian there for we must ensure our customers get the very best.

When you get good wood work then inside your home you are constantly interacting with that woodwork. Whether it is the door and window the planning, the shelves the study table for your kids, the beds in the house, your dining table, or other places where woodwork is required.

SIDDHARTH PLYWOOD INDUSTRIES is the best plywood manufacturer in Haryana. We are not just Plywood manufacturers but also well-known plywood exports. SIDDHARTH PLYWOOD INDUSTRIES was Established in 2002 at Yamuna Nagar. We stand as a leading Plywood Manufacturer with 22 years of experience and established as a plywood exporter. In the past, we have manufactured more than 4 core feet of plywood for our customers.

We also have overseas clients in Africa, the west indies, Spain, Nepal, Poland and Qatar, etc. countries. We have more than 52 Distributors in India and also have satisfied
250 Dealers in the country.

All our dealers get the around 47% of the ROI. We are supply chain experts with on time delivery solutions.