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We entered the plywood business 22 years ago. After witnessing the potential of wood, particularly Plywood, we knew we had to offer the best answer for the furniture industry. It takes years of saving a small portion of one’s income each year to afford a home. For every Indian, it is a deeply personal and aspirational connection, so we must always give our clients our best. When you get good woodwork, then inside your home, you are constantly interacting with that woodwork. Everything in a home requires woodwork, from the doors and windows to the shelving and the kids’ study table to the beds and the dining table.

Who is the largest manufacturer of plywood in India?

The Finest Plywood in Haryana comes from Siddharth plywood industries. We are a renowned plywood exporter in addition to being a Plywood manufacturer. Haryana is home to Siddharth plywood industries, which opened in 2002. With 22 years in the industry, we’ve perfected our plywood manufacturing process and become a trusted exporter. In the past, we have manufactured more than four core feet of Plywood for our customers. Our international clientele extends globally, from Africa and the West Indies to Europe and Asia. In India, we have more than 52 Distributors and 250 happy Dealers. All of our retailers earn an average of 47% profit margin. As experts in the supply chain, we can ensure timely deliveries.

Who is market leader in plywood industry?

Siddharth Plywood Industries is your best option if you’re looking for high-quality Plywood in India. We are a leading Indian plywood producer and supplier and are known for the high quality and low prices of our Commercial Plywood. Our Plywood comes in various sizes to accommodate a wide range of applications, and our customers appreciate this. The best part is they can rely on us to get their commercial Plywood whenever required. Our staff values quality wood and provides the best services in India. When you work with us, you can rest assured that you will receive the quantity and quality of Rangoon commercial plywood you need when you need it.

Which is the strongest plywood?

Siddharth plywood industries produces high-quality construction materials and quickly exports them across the state. In Haryana, we have access to high-quality wood, which we use to manufacture a variety of goods, PARAMOUNT Plywood among them. Engineers with extensive experience and training oversee each process step, from cutting the wood to assembling and polishing the final product.

You’ll need to peruse our product catalogue to learn about the discounts we provide. You can have complete confidence in us. We provide the highest quality products for seamless integration and happy customers. We are the best plywood supplier in Haryana not just plywood manufacturers.

We’re Experts at
  • Excellent Quality: Using high-quality raw materials has earned Siddharth plywood industries a solid reputation. We are very selective about the product’s quality. Therefore, we choose the products that meet our very specific requirements.
  • Assembly Plant: We are very proud of our cutting-edge manufacturing facilities, which allow us to consistently produce high-quality ply at the lowest possible cost.
  • Skilled Personnel: In production and promotion, we employ only the most qualified experts who share a deep commitment to excellence and a drive to achieve it at all costs.
  • High-Quality Options: Providing superior service to our clients is a core value of our company. Our top priority is satisfying our customers with excellent service.

Which city is famous for plywood in India?

Haryana, here we have been making and selling plywood for 22 years, making us a leader in the industry. 

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Now that you’ve found Siddharth plywood, you can buy what you need without worrying. Visit your local retailer and ask for Siddharth plywood, India’s Top Plywood Brand. Try it out for yourself and see what a difference quality and responsibility can make.